Renovation: We Can Now Turn This Into A Home!

We passed the rough inspection today!

What does that mean?

It means that the electrical and plumbing changes we have made (which are significant) have been signed off on by an official. And now, the drywall can go back up. Or as my contractor says, "We can start closing this place up."


Believe it or not, this dirt pile in the living room is much more organized than it has been...

I know you think I am crazy. But I am over here checking on things every day... Sometimes multiple times a day. So I notice even the littlest things when they change.

Though, this was a big change I noticed today...

I have a window!!! Now just need to get the wall closed up.

All the walls... Actually.

Yes. That's water in the bathtub. They were testing to make sure it doesn't leak.

They did it in the master bathroom too...

My contractor let me know that in the master bath he decided to pull the tub away from wall to provide me "more space for bath accessories."  


Yes... Bubble bath, bath oil, candles, various soaps, bath salts...

Clearly, he's designed bathrooms for women before in his career.

I'm really looking forward to this canal finally being filled...

And before I know it... Or "next week", actually... All of this will start to be cleaned up. And start to look like an actual home.