Renovation: Yoga Platform & A New Closet.

My new place - currently being gutted - is still in a wonderful, dirty disarray. 

Drywall is still missing in parts... Pipes (new ones put in) exposed... Dirt piles and and a long channel spanning the powder room to the kitchen...

But there is progress!

Little plastic blue boxes marking where outlets will be going have been added. Two new toilet holes have been cut (for each of the new bathroom spaces upstairs).  And one of my favorite pieces of progress...

My yoga platform in the back patio!

It's looking like the patio will be done next week. The blue slate tile has been special ordered. And the flower beds will be rebuilt (with wood) soon.

Also being built with wood is the new closet in the guest room...

The original obscenely large closet was sacrificed for the new bathroom. And the guest room was so large that adding a new closet in a new place was an easy solution.  And instead of the horrible sliding closet doors (yes... I know they are standard... But I hate them...  Even more when they are mirrored ((shudders))), I am going with bi-fold doors.

It'll probably be a few more weeks like this at the place. And then the drywall will go back up and things will speed up.

Probably six weeks-ish till I am living here. I can't wait.