The Amazon: Butterfly Transformation.

Our final morning at the retreat was spent mostly by the pool, avoiding the Sun. 

We chatted and counted down the minutes between breakfast and lunch... Made plans to hit the Belen Market when we eventually got into town, grab pizza for dinner, and then head to the airport to go home.

While we sat talking, I noticed a gorgeous yellow and black butterfly playing near the pool.

She was vibrant and beautiful.

She seemed to be taken with a water bottle near the pool's edge.

The contrast of her wings with the blue bottle top had me mesmerized.

She was dancing for me. Then she took off for a flight around the pool...

... And then landed on my bag...

I thought she was done. She took off again for a flight. I stretched out my arm to point to where she was flying. Then she swooped back down at me... And landed on my left thumb tip.

I could feel her little leg tips on my thumb while she flapped her wings. Everyone in the group sitting nearby laughed with surprised delight.

She clearly thought I was some sweet flower, and not the cheeky coffee addict that I am. She surprised me so much that I freaked out a little...

"Ahhh!" I wailed. 

She quickly flew off again... Leaving me to think about my transformation from the week.