The Ayahuasca Diaries: Ceremony Five.

Well, truthfully... It was "Ceremony Five" for the week. But it was my 10th overall ceremony.

I got to the Ceremony House  at my usual time... About 20 minutes before the other guests. I prepped my rocking chair, and my mat. The apprentice Shaman gave the "here's what to do and not do, and what to expect when you go back home" lecture...

No pork for 30 days. No alcohol for seven days. No sugar for three days. No sexual release (sex, sexual thoughts or masturbation) for three days.

Easy peasy! (Though the alcohol one was difficult for me.)

The American Shaman, Hamilton - also the founder of Blue Morpho, gave his lecture on love and the medicine world. His primary focus for the past year has been on using cannabis with the icaros and Shamanic energy for the same kind of experience stateside.

But he's always quick to remind you that you should only use cannabis where it is legal. (He is based in Colorado.) And that you can do the web-based Shamanic ceremonies with him without the use of cannabis.

Don Alberto and the assistants made their way into the Ceremony House.  And it was time to bless the ayahuasca with icaros and distribute to everyone.

I had decided that I would be going with an 1/8 of the cup again.

I went up for my final dose, thanks Don Alberto for it, and then went back to my chair.

 A picture of my ayahuasca dose.

We drank the ayahuasca. I breathed in deeply.  Exhaled deeply.

It was going to stay down.

In the dark, I picked myself up off of the chair a tiptoed to my mat. Both blankets were thrown over me. I laid on my back in corpse pose with my eyes closed.

For nearly three hours, I blocked external energies out and engaged only my mind.

The icaros were powerful that night. As they moved from gentle to pointed, I found my inner thoughts pushing my view of myself into a new place. At one point, I felt how powerful I am... I could feel lines of energy directly flowing out of my wrists, my ankles, my heart, my third eye, my torso...

My breathing felt effortless but clearer than it ever had been. My lungs filled with air in spaces that it hadn't been flushed with oxygen so deeply before. It was cleansing every last space in my lungs.

And the thoughts became more clear as I breathed...

  • Spend more time writing your stories. Your stories.
  • Happiness and love are an energies that are always present. Tap into them at all times, with everything you do. Even with something as simple as brushing your teeth. "I will feel happiness and love for myself as I stand here and brush my teeth." Even if only for that moment in your day you feel the happiness and love, it is a start.
  • There is no need to waste energy on anxiety. If a problem arises, you are able to fix it. If you cannot, then your energy is better spent moving on from it. Most people spend too much time throwing anxiety at problems that cannot be fixed.  Action is what is always needed. Mental action. Physical action.
  • Spend less time on work. You have already relapsed into old habits or long hours. Delegate better. Focus only on the things only you can do, and that no one else can. Delegate everything else off of your plate.

The apprentice Shaman began to sing. He was my favorite of all. His voice was familiar and comforting. It was as I had remembered it in January... A beacon to patterned light. Warm. Logical.  Calm. Powerful.

Eventually it was time for venteadas. I moved back to my rocking chair. Don Alberto sealed me by shaking the chacapa over me while singing an icaro. Then he lit a mapacho and blew the tobacco smoke on my crown... Down my back... Down my front... On my hands... On my feet... The energy pushed through me.

I sat and listened to the rest of the attendees receive their venteadas. Eventually, the lights along the walkway came on, and I lightly stumbled my way back to my room... Focusing my feet on a single lane of wood strip the whole way...

A straight line till I reached my room.

It was another wonderful week in the jungle. And I knew I would be going back again.

I crawled into bed feeling energy vibrating through me. My third eye (the spot between my eyes, and just above - around the forehead) tingled. I would close my eyes and see my pineal gland wide open.