The Ayahuasca Diaries: A Peek At The Ceremony Hut.

The ceremony house on the property is quite a change from the ceremony house at the last property.

It's location is far away from the rest of the property.  You walk a long wooden walkway to get to it. 

It takes about three minutes to walk it sober. After the ceremony, post-ayahuasca and slight;y "marciano", it takes about 10 minutes to walk in the dark... Lit by gentle lamps turned on for a brief period.

Jungle plant life is thick on both sides of the walkway...

It's not uncommon to see a snake, large spider, camouflaged moth, or monkey in it.

When you eventually get to the ceremony hut, it's quite the sight.

There's enough space for over 50 people to comfortably participate.

Circular... With two hallways of bathroom stalls and shower stalls behind the white walls.

Up in the front, by the window spaces, is where the Shamans sit during the ceremony.  And that's where all of their tools for the ceremony live.

Like the Mesa with the crystals and various statues used for clearing the energy of the space...

And yes... That is a Buddha riding on a rubber ducky in the middle of the photo.

And the instruments...

Drums... chimes... Symbols...

And the chacapas!

Leaf rattles. Many of them.

I also found two large bottles of perfume-cologne.

I'm not sure what they are used for in the ceremony... But they smelled pretty when I opened them.

I would often get to the Ceremony Hut early. Usually, I would find people in there napping. Many would stay the night and sleep there after the ceremony... As the space was divine and comforting then.

I was grateful to have had such great experiences in that hut. I can't wait to go back next Summer.