Finding That Rustic Shelf. And A Random Oar.

In case you haven't figured it out... I like things that don't necessarily appear "shiny and new." 

This is because I am a klutzy and messy person.

I mean, I am tidy. But nothing I buy or wear stays clean for long. I spill on it. I scratch it. I scuff it. 

So my style is one where being "worn in" and "not polished" is perfect.

Which is why I love this new piece that finally arrived...

It's my shelf from Anthropologie. It looks rustic and imperfect...

I won't be worried about keeping it pristine. Just dusted.

I plan to put plants in beautiful red Chinoiserie cachepots (fancy work for "flowerpot" that I learned while working at The Evil Empire long ago) on the top shelf, along with my wooden Three Wise Monkeys.

I'll also use it to hold my collection of William Yeaoward crystal vases and some of my fashion book collection.

The shelves are made of mango wood. They seem sturdy. But clearly, I am not worried about the weathering of the whole piece, as I am currently storing it outside while they finish my house.

I attempted to store it in the garage after it was delivered... But there is already so much in the garage. And I have to get my appliances stored in there at the end of next week when they are delivered.

I moved some stuff around, trying to make a smidge of space for the shelf unit... But was unsuccessful.

I was, however, successful in finding a random oar in the garage...

The previous owner left behind a few things... Yearbooks and photo albums... And this oar. I let the agent know that the yearbooks are available to pick up and take to the previous owner. I'm hoping she'll let me keep the oar though.

I'm envisioning it being hung on a wall somewhere in the house. Or, perhaps, drilling hooks into, and hanging it in my dressing closet to hold all of my scarves.

Hmm...  Ideas, ideas.