Framed Hermes Scarves: Now I Have Bedroom Art!

In 2011, I acquired two spectacular things...

Two silk scarves from the Hermes store.

The orange one with the Japanese temari balls on it was a gift from Newman (my ex) for my 34th birthday. He chose it himself. And I love it. 

The other scarf I picked up later that year while in Hong Kong with Frogger. It features a Native American on it, and I love it as well.

The colors in both scarves are stunning. And I have worn both scarves quite a bit over the past few years. But now that I am on the West Coast... Well, my style isn't really about silk scarves anymore.  

But these were too beautiful to just keep tucked away in my closet - rarely to be worn. So I decided to take them to a framer here in Encinitas to have them custom framed.

And now they are to be wall art in my new bedroom!

The framer I went to wasn't cheap. The size of the size of the scarves meant that it fell into the "oversize" category.  And even though he cut me a very nice deal on the framing and the glass and the labor... It was still a pretty penny.

But I think it was worth it...

Now I have really beautiful pieces that mean a lot to me.

The wood I chose has a lavender color running through it, which picks up the pinky-purple shades in both scarves. I am going to hang them diagonally on the same wall in my bedroom when the house is done.

They're going to look great on the walls.