Headed Back To Peru In February.

It's not definite yet... But it looks like I am going to be heading back to South America in February.  Only this time, I'm not going to the Amazon jungle. Instead, I'm going to the Sacred Valley of the Incas. That's near Cusco.

It's a trip that is produced by the same group (Blue Morpho Tours) that does the Amazon retreats that I have been to in the past year. On this trip, I'll get to explore the ancient Andean culture, and their relationship to the stars and the sky. There will be trips to archeological sites.

I'm so excited!

I'm thinking about tacking on Machu Picchu with this trip... But it will eat up a lot of my vacation time for next year. So it may not be possible. As it is, the trip will take up five of the 15 days of vacation I have.

So, something for me to think about.

I'm becoming quite the fan of Peru.Yes?