I Miss Baths Most Of All.

I have moved my moving day.

In order to accommodate the rest of the work that needs to be done on my renovated place... I have pushed my move-in date back five days.  Luckily, my moving company was kind enough to accommodate the change so close to the holiday... As well as the fact that it is a Saturday deliver (which usually costs more - as it is considered "overtime").

But I am very much counting down the days till the following:

  • Baths! Showers are okay. But I love soaking baths. Love them. I will sit in a tub filled with hot water, epsom salts and bath oil for an hour. Sometimes longer. I didn't have a proper bathtub in my Boston place. And my rental here in Encinitas doesn't even have one. The last time I had a proper soak was in Budapest, in my awesome hotel suite at a renovated castle.  That was in June. I'm going to load up my Netflix queue and binge-watch movies while soaking in the new tub.
  • Proper Internet speed. In my rental, I use the Internet of the owners, who live on the other side of the structure. And at times, it is very slow. This is because there are multiple people on it. I am looking forward to being able to enjoy the entire stream of connectivity all to myself at my new place. It was installed the other day. So I could go and sit over there and use it. But I'd be sitting on cement sub-flooring.  Not exactly super comfortable.
  • My pictures. Tons of framed photos... Of my family. Of my travels. I will be happy to see them once again. 
  • Wine glasses. I have one wine glass that I use here. And I have to wash it by hand. I am looking forward to having my dishwasher-safe glasses back again. 
"Just one month. Just one month. Just one month."

I keep telling myself that. It feels like this renovation has simultaneously moved so quickly and yet is taking forever at the same time.

Buts gosh... I'm really looking forward to that first proper soak in the tub.