Making This Day My Betch: Why I Won't Shop At Sears & Why Pottery Barn Rocks.

People told me I was crazy for ordering all of my new house appliances from Sears.

"You overpaid," one person said.

"Everyone I know has had delivery problems who ordered from them," another said.

I didn't care though. I never got to buy new appliances at my last house. We worked with the ones the previous owner had installed. And I was going to do the whole appliance thing just like the average American, damnit!

Well, apparently the average American is much more savvy about knowing to NOT shop at Sears. And now I know why.

I was scheduled to have all of my appliances delivered this upcoming Friday. But then, I received an automated message from Sears letting me know something in my order was going to be delayed, and could I please call them back...

So I called.

And at first I was told, "Your refrigerator is on out of stock and won't be available until December 19th at the earliest."

I told them, "Well that doesn't work. I know I can go to Lowe's and get it today. How about I cancel the fridge in the order and you guys just deliver everything else?"

They needed a moment to confirm the rest of my order.

A minute later, they get back on the line and tell me that my microwave was also on back order.

Oh... Wait... Also my dishwasher.

Oh... Wait... Also my washer and my dryer.

Only my stove was in stock and available for delivery this coming Friday.

"Would you like a specialist to call you back in 24 hours with recommendations for other items?" they asked.

"No," I said. "I am having custom cabinets built around all of these things. And I know that I can go some place else and get them  today."

Cut to a few hours later, me standing in the parking lot of a place in Carlsbad that has everything I ordered from Sears in stock and available for deliver tomorrow. I was on the phone, next to my car, canceling my entire Sears order. It was almost too easy to cancel it. I will be following up next week to make sure the refund to my credit card is in process.

It's a good thing I wasn't planning on hosting a Thanksgiving dinner at my new place. Sears would have been majorly screwing up my plans.  Instead, I went to Pacific Sales and got everything... And ended up spending about $2,000 less than I did at Sears, because they were front-loading their Black Friday sales.

It was only 10:30am, and I had already dealt with an appliance mishap... Getting Internet installed at my new place...  Getting my kitchen sink and powder room sink delivered.... And now had purchased all new appliances.

I arrive back to my place in Encinitas... Starving. I see some boxes for bath linens and a glass apothecary jar from Pottery Barn that I had ordered.

"YAY! My final stuff!" I pumped my fists in the air. "Victory is mine!"

Then I opened one of the boxes.  It did not contain the glass apothecary jar I was expecting.

In it were these...

An Oil & Vinegar set from West Elm, which is affiliated with Pottery Barn.

I had thought I had turned the day around. I had thought I had made this day my "betch."

(Le sigh.)

I picked up my phone and dialed customer service for Pottery Barn. Five minutes later, I was told a new apothecary jar was on it's way... And that I could keep the Oil & Vinegar set, as it would cost more to ship it back than it was worth.


I thanked the customer service rep for the gift. Wished her a "Happy Holiday."

Now, it's not even 1pm, and I need a nap.

Too much excitement for one morning.