Renovation: I Can See The Finish Line.

It's all speeding up so quickly!

While heading back from a meeting downtown this morning, I stopped off and ordered all of the paint for my house.

Today, the walls are being re-textured.

Gone is the splotchy-finish... And soon it will all be lovely and smooth.

The ceilings too. Gone is that "popcorn" effect.

Crown molding will be cleaned up and baseboards will be reattached.

The stairs will get stripped and stained a lighter color to match the new wood coming for the floors.

And then at the end of next week - or early the week after... It will be painted.


Also happening next week: Cabinetry install!

My kitchen and master bathroom will have their cabinets in place... And things will be getting tiled in both rooms.


It's coming together! It's coming together!

So I had to hustle and get the paint ordered.

I've finished picking out remaining furniture... Though before next Spring I will need to buy an outdoor dining table to go in the front patio area. And I may order some additional Eames chairs for my indoor dining table.

We're almost at the Finish Line!

I can see it, mentally, at least.