Renovation: I Have Rules.

Well, actually... My "rules" have nothing to do with the the fact that I am renovating. They are guidelines - or a "style code," really - for my space.

  1. No mirrors in bedrooms. I hate them. They're bad Feng Shui. 
  2. No carpeting. I love rugs. But carpet is so permanent.
  3. No ceiling fans. Again bad Feng Shui. And I think if I can hack it in the Northeast for years and years in places without central air or ceiling fans... I don't need them in my new place.
  4. Beautiful and useful. Everything in the house has to be one or the other. I won't have another house where I decorate a space that I never use and put up things on walls and shelves just to fill the space. You'll never, for example, see a book laying on my coffee table that I haven't picked up and read through at least a half a dozen times... And still do.
  5. No fake flowers. Just... No. I know they are more practical and cheaper than real flowers... But...  I... just.... can't... even... I'll go without flowers before I'll put fake ones out. And I have gone without. All the time.
  6. Lots of plants. I grew up with one parent who smoked. But walking in our house, you'd never know it. That's because we were an anally clean household... And because of all the plants that were kept around. Plants detox the air. And they love it when you play classical music for them.
  7. Task lighting is essential. I hate overhead light. Sure, I chose some really lovely overhead ceiling lights for each room. But I won't use them too often - though they are beautiful. I, instead, prefer task lighting. Bedside and table lamps.  
  8. Every space must have purpose. Yes. I still can't get over the original size of the downstairs powder room. Too large. Not laid out well at all. That could be said about many rooms in the house, actually. Especially the upstairs closets!
So... You may be wondering how this list came to be in my life.

Through lots of living. Lots of traveling. And being exposed to lots of design-centric folks back when I worked at The Evil Empire.

I was a conservative, style-wise, before I started working there. And then all through there. And even after there.

Eventually, I started to open my mind. I began to think about textures... And what I use and how I use it. Color didn't seem so scary. Though, while I was married, I always worried I was too "girlish" in taste... Now, I realize I am not. I am a little whimsical. But it's done well.

My style has purpose. For me. And that's all that matters for anyone and their personal style... That it has purpose for them.

Wear what you want. Decorate how you want. Make it you.