Renovation: Primed & Ready To Go!

It's almost painting time!

They got all of the priming done in the house yesterday. I have a nice wonderful canvas to begin with these later this week...

All the colors from Benjamin Moore that I chose and picked up!

Everyone who has seen the paint cans in person as said the same thing: 

"You have some bright colors there."

And really, only one color is bright. It's called "Brilliant Blue." And it's going in my office - which is a creative space. Everything else throughout the house is muted and soft.

I spent part of the afternoon pulling the paint colors out of the garage and putting them into their respective rooms. Tomorrow I will go over first thing and post what color goes on every wall downstairs, as it is a tricky layout.

I mean, in this space alone, you'll have two colors...

And all of this will be a grey color...

But one of the walls in the kitchen is going to be a black board wall. As is one of the walls in my office - I decided this week.  So I have to mark off those walls.

The painters did a good job with the priming. They primed every nook and cranny of the place. They even primed the inside of the space under the stairs!

It wasn't until today that I actually peeked inside of it. It's actually bigger than I thought it was. If I was a child, it would be my hiding spot to go and read.

And the painters were able to take the blinds down from the stairway window...

I hate blinds. I'm not a big fan of shutters either. I think windows should be free to let light in at it's maximum. Except when you want to sleep. If you need more privacy, put up sheers. It's a better picture than blinds.

I'm loving the light that comes into the place... 

Illuminating a redesigned hallway.

Nice smooth walls.  Lots of light coming into the place.  It's a transitioning place.