Renovation: Seams & Mudding.

It's been a nice treat to meet all the individual teams who have been working on my place.  Every week or so, it's a different group of guys... All very nice. All very kind as I pop through the door with my standard, "Hi! How are you? I'm the owner. Just peaking in for today!"

I find their work fascinating. And I am a little envious of what they get to do. It looks like fun.

It's still the team working on filling in the seams and doing the mudding.  Next week they'll start to retexture the walls.  


I'm not going for super-smooth walls. Way too much work... And cost. But I am making them far, far smoother than they were. And seeing the initial stages of just how smooth they are going to get the walls was awesome today...

I was a little unsure about turning this space (which, again, used to be part of an obscenely large and poorly laid out powder room) into a built-in for the TV and some shelves.  But it's framing up so nicely. I'm loving it. I can imagine a TV going in there... Though I don't know how often I'll actually turn it on to watch it.

And the wine fridge area with built-in shelves...

That little space is coming together well... As is the ceiling space above it, which was ripped open until just last week.

Speaking of ceilings...

My kitchen! Smooth walls... Perfect for turning into blackboard spaces... And a smooth ceiling to endure all kinds of splatters for my stove. (Because, let's face it... I am messy.)

And that guest room is looking good as well...

Reminding me to get on ordering furniture for this room!

And my stairway...

The patched the areas where that horrible trim was.

Paint! Paint is on my to-do list tomorrow. Want to see what I might be thinking when it comes to colors???

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