Renovation: Texturing & Imagining.

The process of cleaning up the wall and ceiling spaces is pretty time-intensive. 

It started last week, and will go until early next week. Other stuff is getting done at the same time. But smoothing out the walls is not an easy things to do.

I popped over to the place this afternoon to check on some new furniture piece's I'd had delivered... And I realized I hadn't ever taken a really good shot of the front enclosed patio space...

It's big. The left-side open door is the front door. (Which will be painted an awesomely vibrant color yet to be revealed.)

The right-side door and window are the kitchen area. There used to be French doors there. But in order to really be able to use that outside space as an outdoor dining area (I still have yet to pick a table), it needed to be changed to one door. And it was my contractor's idea to add the picture window. I love it.

The planter space between the two doors will have a Meyer Lemon tree planted. And the opposite walled flower bed space will have sage and lavender planted in it. The space next to that planter bed is the detached garage.

I'm keeping a ton of things in the garage at the moment.

Initially, I'd wanted the wall between the raised laundry space and the garage completely taken out. The garage is so small as it is - and I intend to park in it - that I wanted more space. But after seeing what that would cost - to take the wall down and then reinforce the ceiling in it's absence - I decided just to take out the door that separated the garage and the laundry space... And open up the doorway much wider.

It's gonna be an awesome space.

Walking into the front door of the house, I am happy to see the retexturing going so efficiently...

I'm having every inch - ceiling and walls - redone. And some of those places are tough to reach...

But the end result is so worth it... To see a perfectly smoothed ceiling.

Its clean.

And I love the stairway walls that are now absent of that horrible trim.  Just a nice, smooth wall... 

Though, with this texturing process, they smooth it down by hand. So really, not at all easy.

And after the texturing is done, the place is primed.  And then the hallway and stairwell will be painted a white color. So this is already giving me an idea of how much lighter the place will be, now that it's not that muddy tan color.

And when I imagine the lighter hardwood floors going in... Nearly the same color as that board lying down in the hallway... I am ecstatic!  A nice, clean Bohemian space.

And then, there is what will be my sanctuary...

My master bathroom. The walls of the tub and the shower are prepped for the tile work - which begins next week. I decided today that the top of the tub and the front of the tub would both have concrete poured over them, so that they match the counter top on the custom vanity being built.

I've already chosen which of my side tables will go next to the tub to hold a container filled with Epsom salts and a silver scoop. I've also bought a double shower rod to go in this room... And THREE shower curtains to go on it. (There will be a "drapes" effect for the styling of the tub.)

 It's all so exciting!