Renovation: Tile. Tile. Tile.

I popped over to the house a little while ago - relishing these last few days of a free schedule before I return to the world of working in an office again (more on that in the future) - expecting to see no one there.

I was going over to get the mail and drop off some additional chalkboard paint I'd picked up at my second home as of late - The Home Depot.

When I got there... There were two trucks in my driveway. I walked into my private patio to see these...

The tiler was there!

And he brought a massive tile cutter...

Massive to me, anyway.

I went upstairs to the bathroom to see how his prep was coming along.

He had the entire guest bathroom shower nearly done.

"Wow!" I said. "You move quickly!"

He pointed out that since I had no fancy designs and wanted little to almost no grout in between the subway tiles, It was pretty straight forward.

Good point, I thought.

"I'll be done on Wednesday," he said.  He would be finished tomorrow, but he has to take out a piece of the master bathroom back shower wall  that was put in incorrectly.

"I'll be working on that tomorrow," he said.

The painter was also there this morning, prepping for the color portion to begin later this week.