Routine: Saturday Morning.

I am in need of routine.

This is my "Saturday Routine."

I am pretty good at it. 

I have a lovely breakfast (in this case, pumpkin croissants that I baked), coffee... Then I write and make notes for my day.

And I do all of this after I have meditated for 20 minutes in the garden...

(My meditation space.)

Meditation is something that I try to do every day. But I have been failing at it.

I've been failing at quite a few things lately. Personal things, that is.

Working from home has been a complete failure for me, in terms of my personal routine. And - as yesterday proved - my personal grooming.

Things have been so busy lately, that I woke up yesterday very early... Made a pot of coffee... And jumped right on an early-morning conference call. I didn't have a chance to shower or even change out of my PJs before the call.

Then so many things needed to be taken care of... That before I knew it, six hours had passed. I hadn't showered. Brushed my teeth. Eaten.

That is bad. 

Even worse, even after taking a short break to run 10 minutes over to my new house, I came back and continued to work till about 8pm. Then I finally made myself some dinner.

So bad.

Sadly, I've begun to realize that working remotely full-time is "No bueno."

I have completely let myself fall into exactly what I did not want to fall into: Always working and being "on."  I haven't been to yoga in weeks because of travel and because I work right through the evening. It is too easy to wake-up and hit the ground running, taking care of stuff... Not doing anything for my personal time.

My personal time feels non-existent in moments. And when I do take it, I feel tremendously guilty.

I have a plan to change that behavior though. Most likely, it will coincide with when I move into my house and have dedicated office space. But until then... I'll have to think of something. A solution.