The World's Best Gift.



I wasn't even a full day into arriving at my brother's place in Phoenix, and already had my one-year-old niece developing a taste for exquisite lipstick.  Specifically, Tom Ford's Wild Ginger.

It really is the perfect color for anyone.  Even a one-year-old.

I wasn't able to capture a good picture of us with our bright orangey-coral lips, selfie-style.  But trust me, it looked fabulous. We looked fabulous.

I mean... When you wear something from Tom Ford - and you have a wide selection of options (perfume, nail polish, clothing, lipstick) - you automatically have improved your look ten fold.

A simple swipe of Tom Ford lipstick does to your confidence what a shot in the arm of B12 does to your energy.


Yes. I love Tom Ford's lipsticks. And everyone knows it. Including a friend who I did a favor for recently. She surprised me by sending me this...

It's called "Willful." And yes, it's by Tom Ford.

And it looks fantastic on me...

I am very lucky.  I have friends who know me so well.

And I have a growing collection of fabulous lipsticks...