Automatic Front Door Smart Lock.

It's been a busy week since I "moved" into my new place. The place I own... No longer a slave to crazy rent. (I'm very grateful.)

It's not yet finished, but it's getting there. I still have no kitchen or master bath. Or TV unit. But I am able to at least soak in the bath tub in my master.  And I do have a finished guest bathroom where I shower. 

The unfinished house is a bit annoying. But I know it will get there soon. But the one thing I've discovered that is crazy annoying lately is fishing for my keys to open the door to the house.

My car starts at the push of a button. No key needed - just a fob that simply needs to be in the car. My rental cottage had a combination lock... Which meant I didn't have to fish for keys either.

But yesterday, while out shopping, I discovered something at the Apple Store that I just had to have to make my life easier when coming home in complete darkness...

A smart lock!

They gave me a demo at the store. And I knew it was ideal for my situation. It syncs to my mobile number. And when I am walking up to my house, it unlocks. Similarly, when I am more than 50 feet away from my front door, it automatically locks.

It was easy to install...

All that was needed was a Phillips head screwdriver. 

Looks pretty good...

Loving it so far. And all I have to do is sync other people's mobile numbers up to the door, and once they install the app they can also unlock my door automatically.

Makes life easier!

I even got a little quirky when naming my house and the lock...

Now when people come and visit, I don't have to worry about a key for them.