Klutziness Is A Sign.

I am a natural born klutz.  I've often contemplated taking some kind of "modeling" and "poise" lessons to teach me to walk gracefully... And not buzz about so quickly.

My morning started with excitement. I work up precisely three minutes before my alarm went off.

"This is a good sign," I thought. "I'm starting something new today. My body feels rested and is ready for it."

I got up... Got dressed in my workout gear... And as I was leaving the bedroom, I managed to trip over the corner edge of the bed! Banging the outside of my calf muscle pretty hard.

No worries. It was a momentary pain. I walked to my car, hopped in, and drive to Orange Theory for the 6am class.

It was Endurance day in class. That meant long stretches on the treadmills and the rowers... Followed by 25 minutes on the floor. I got into my jogging pace pretty quickly, but my legs were tiring out fast. I nearly stumbled off the treadmill trying to get to the rower between sets. But I managed to make it without incident.

Then came time to switch to the floor. All kinds of exercises. High reps. I was doing great, using heavier weights than I normally do... But then came time for the "Toe Taps" on the bench.


Toe Taps are where you have one toe on the bench... Then you hop and switch to tap the other toe on the bench. You're supposed to do them relatively fast, lifting your knees... Using your core to keep control.

Well, my core failed me.

I was on my second set of Toe Taps... I had one toe on the bench... And as I went to switch the toes, instead of bringing my right toe UP ON TO the bench, it went UNDER the edge of the bench... And in that split second, my right foot KICKED the bench up... Sending the two 15 pound dumbbells resting on it AND the bench itself flying forward... And ME flying backward!

Surprisingly, I did not hurt myself.

And thankfully, the flying dumbbells and bench did not hurt anyone else.

The instructor ran over...


I laughed at her. Because this kind of stuff happens ALL OF THE TIME to me.

"Yes,"  I said. "I"m totally fine. I'm not hurt or bruised."

She assessed that I had used too much power with the legs. Encouraged me to step back, and focus on the core engagement.


I finished my reps, and moved onto the next set.

But really, people... I am klutzy. And this kind of stuff happens ALL OF THE TIME.

I will never be a graceful ballerina of a woman.

And I take this as a good sign... That I the adventure I am starting on today will be an excellent one. I'm not perfect. And I'm going into it feeling like I don't have to be. Just an efficient and smart worker.