Moving Day Really Can't Come Quickly Enough...

I no longer have a clear walk way between the front door and the rest of my rental...

So many things for the new home. And I can't take them over there yet because:

  1. There's no space in the garage with everything else I have over there storing.
  2. I really don't want to risk someone breaking into the place that is clearly still under construction and taking them. It's too tempting.

I'm not a big "clutter" fan. And having a clear walk way is absolutely critical for me when I walk through the door because... Well...

I always have to pee right when I get home from some place.

It's as though my body just spontaneously decides I have to pee. I could have drunk no liquids... And maybe even peed at the place I was before I came home... Doesn't matter. I will have to pee as soon as I open my front door.

Okay. Maybe not EVERY time I come home. But at least 7 out of 10 times, I'd say I have to.

So a clear path to the bathroom is needed.

For the sake of my bladder.