My "Christmas" Movies.

Over the years, there are a few movies I like to watch during the holidays. Some are actual "holiday" themed movies.  Some are not. But they are my "go-tos" to get me in the spirit of the time of year. And they include...

Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy as two opposites who are tricked into spending some time in the other's life...  All for the amusement of two rich old guys. It takes place during the holidays, which is why I see it as a "holiday" movie. 

This one will always be a classic. It should be on everyone's list for it's awesomeness. It's my favorite story of the Griswolds.

I still recall seeing this in the theater at the age of six, in 1983. It was Christmas Eve. And every year, I watch it during the 24-hour marathon on TBS. I never get tired of it, and quote it backwards and forwards. 

But so can you. If you are a normal American. 

I don't know why I associate this one with the holidays. I think I may have watched it for the first time during the holidays. It's one of the few saccharin Nora Ephron movies I actually like.  And the soundtrack is pretty good.

This one I watched for the first time last year. I loved it immediately. Instant classic. I was sad that I had waited so long to give it it's due with a viewing. I got around to watching the second movie. Wasn't impressed. I hear others in the series are worth a watch. But this one is gold.

It's just not the season without these.