Renovation: Almost Move-In REady.

The house is still being put together. But I will be able to move in on Saturday. Everything just won't be completed.

I'll have to make-do without a completed kitchen, which is fine. And the custom vanity for my master bathroom won't be done for a few more weeks. Nor will my closets or other built-ins be done till January.

All of that is being done by a carpenter who took on more projects than expected, and is now behind. But to be honest, I'm not surprised. This renovation has gone relatively smooth. So something was bound to get pushed.

Everything else will be done. And is getting done.  I have hardwood floors!

And the baseboards are put in too!

Loving the color of the wood, which runs throughout the place...

It's not completely done yet. The stairs are being done next week.  But the lighter color of oak turned out gorgeous.

I even ran in through all of the bathrooms...

This is my master bath. They got the concrete "over pour" done on my tub. And tomorrow they'll be finishing the grout on it, as well as installing the fixtures. The toilets all get installed tomorrow too.


And I was surprised by the backyard...

They started putting in my plants!!!

Creeping rosemary... French lavender... And also Mountain sage is going in too!

It already smelled pretty fragrant. LOVE!

So it won't be completed on Saturday. But I will be able to move stuff in and sleep there.

Settling in. Slowly.

And I'll be able to soak in that tub Saturday night. So I'll be in heaven.