90 Minutes In An Isolation Tank Just Ain't Long Enough, Folks.

For a few years I had heard a lot about "floating." But really, I first learned about it in a Simpsons episode a long time ago...

And a few weeks ago, I got around to trying it at a float spa near my work. Tonight I went back for a second visit.

"Floating" refers to floating in water - usually in a deprivation tank - filled with a high concentration of minerals. The minerals make you naturally float in the water. And the tank cuts you off from all light, and the floating in the water eases your sense of touch.

This is the tank.

It's long, but not too wide. It's filled with shallow water that's warm and lovely.  You lie down in it, and just allow your body to relax and rest... In complete darkness, with no external sounds.

The usual time someone floats for is 60 minutes. For me, that's not enough time. Tonight I did it for 90 minutes... Which sounds amazing at the end of a long and busy week.

Well, it was lovely. Very much. But it still wasn't long enough.


Ninety minutes in the dark warm water with nothing to occupy my attention by my own mind... And it flew right by.

They pump music into the tank when your time is up. And in my mind, I felt like I had only been in for about 30 minutes. But I checked my watch when I got out and saw that it was actually a little longer than 90 minutes that I had been in there.


Most of the time in there I spent releasing thoughts that came into my mind - similar to what I do when I meditate.

Thoughts come in. Thoughts go out.

The next time I go in, I'll probably try for two full hours.

I come out feeling very rested. It's a great way to release the mental activity from this week.