A Book To Drink To.

Months after starting it, I finally finished Betty Halbreich's book...

I had started it back in September with a fury of curiosity about the woman's life. She's a stylist/personal shopper at Bergdorf Goodman's in New York City. She's been at the job for nearly 40 years... And she is now in her late 80s.

My reading of her life was disrupted, however, when I left my Kindle reader in the back of the plane seat pocket on my last flight from LAX to Lima. Right away someone found it. And proceeded to download more books on my account to it... All in Spanish.

They were about $28 worth of books into their Kindle Joy Ride when I deactivated the device and changed my password.

So I have been Kindle-less since then. Till  Santa brought me one a few weeks ago. And I was able to pick up where I left off with Betty's auto-bio.

She is a blunt woman. And humble. And simple. She believes in quality over quantity... Which is something I've begun to subscribe to in past few years myself. If I ever go back to NYC, maybe I'll try to get an appointment booked with her. Though, I imagine it's not easy to get an appointment booked with her.

I hope I am still working when I am her age. (My dream is to never stop working... Just take occasional sabbaticals.) And doing something that gratifies me.

And like Betty, my curiosity is never satisfied... Only gratified.