At Least 156 Bikram Classes...

I took time off in 2014 to travel the world. That meant access to a regular Bikram schedile that I could commit to wasn't going to happen.

Sure, I managed to do classes in a few of the cities I ventured to:

  • San Diego
  • Singapore
  • Perth
  • Amsterdam
  • Berlin
  • Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Bordeaux
  • Vienna
  • Budapest
  • Phoenix

But it was only one class each. And there were random classes when I was in Boston in between trips... And random classes while I was working from home here in Encinitas.

I just never had a proper schedule I could get comfortable with last year. If I had to guess the number of classes I went to, I would put it at about 50.

Yep. Fifty in total.

Pathetic. I know.

My practice improved a little. My limbs opened up some. I think it was due to a release of stress. But I would really love to see my practice finally advance, especially now that I have been practicing for over 10 years.

So this year I am committing to 156 classes. That's three classes a week, on average. And today I knocked one out...

Only 155 left to do. And 363 days in which to do them.

It was a good class. A good start to the year of settling in, loving the self, and healing.