Cozy, Colorful, & Creative Space.

There are a few elements left to add, but my home office is mostly done...

Cozy. Warm.  Bright. Filled with my favorite things...

My little Three Wise Buddhas, my meditation crystals, and some colorful chalk for the blackboard wall (which I can't use yet because it still needs to be touched up.)

I'm really please with the color on the walls  It's perfectly bright, and everything pops against it. 

The shallow shelves hold various prints from pictures I shot while traveling last year. They also hold a few more of my "Three Wise..." collection.

I put up a painter's canvas as a pin board above my desk.

The bright tangerine-orange desk. It's yummy!

The white shelves and the perfectly square canvas - along with the desk- are a warm contrast against the blue's brightness.

And I'm pleased to finally have a resting/display space for Daryl Dixon...

My banjo, duh.

Makes it much easier to pick him up and play.

This is a space that will - I hope - put me at ease to relax and create.

All that's left is the blackboard wall, some plantation shutters on the window, and a small table for my printer/scanner - which is on order.

But this space is ready.

Now for the rest of the house to get there!