Getting Things Hung.

Trying to finish a house when the holidays hit requires patience. Lots of patience. More patience than I prefer to provide. But I've managed. And I've certainly done what I can while things get completed in piecemeal.

Earlier this week, the  electrician came by and hooked up my washer and dryer. Then today - a holiday - the guy who does the shades and shutters came by and installed my black-out shades in the master and guest bedrooms.  And also earlier this week, the painter came by and touched up the walls. 

Which meant I could get things up...

I am loving this blue color in my office. LOVING! I decided to take some shallow shelves (from West Elm) and style some of the black and white photos from my travels on them. I paired it with a New York map silk screened print... But the photos in their gallery frames I absolutely love.

The smaller photo is from a Spring trip to Bordeaux, where I shot it outside of a cafe in the square near the opera house.  The other one is from my first trip to Iquitos, down through the Belan market to the village where the water comes up to.

My stairway got some love too. To go with my hanging sphere light I have my three John Derian Skeleton sequence plates.

They look great.

Nearby, in the guest bathroom - the only bathroom to be complete - I have my Star Wars art...

My Princess Leia graffiti art and the travel posters for Tatoine, Hoth, and Dagobah...

The guest bedroom does need more attention. But I put up these two wooden signs for other cities I have lived in over the past decade.

The wall is still pretty bare though. It needs something more.

In my make-shift kitchen area - the bench under the stairs (because it's near one of the few working outlets by the kitchen) are some hand-decorated plates that a bride ordered back when I was a bridal consultant at The Evil Empire 13 years ago.

They're pretty... Even though on the back of them it reads, "Max and Elizabeth - June 2001."

The entryway has some of my John Derian collection as well. Two round decoupage plates with zoo animals...

I am going to have my contractor hang an inlaid bone mirror above the entryway table, so these plates will have some company.

I've ordered more shelves for my office... As I have more pictures to hang. And there is another mirror to go in the dining room for the contractor to hang. And more stairway art.

But it was great to get this all started.

It's slowly turning into the home I envisioned.