Gypset Chaos.

My house still is yet to be complete. It feels like a nomadic life still, living in a space that I can't completely make my own.. Yet.

I do know I will be able to soon, though. Little things continue to get done every few days. Some things needing to be redone. (Sad face.) I'm inching along towards having a completed kitchen slowly. And there are at least concepts for both my wine shelves area and my TV unit.  (Still waiting for concepts for my walk-in closet.)

I've managed to organize the chaos that I can't put in their defined resting spaces (dishes and clothes, mostly) into piles. But today I was adamant about organizing some of my books. Which allowed me to find these...

Three of the biggest influences on my life in the past few years.  Specifically the Travel book. Because if not for that one, I wouldn't have learned about ayahuasca.

But all three are influential, and hold a very special place in my heart and home.  

I can't wait to pick out a place to style in them more permanently once the chaos of my unfinished house is quelled.