I Have A Nine-Year-Old... Blog.

Hard to believe that it was nine years ago that I posted this...

I am going into my 10th year of blogging today. Who knew I would have kept it up for so long?

Yes, despite the negativity (from the ex) about the idea of sharing moments from my life and snark from a specific co-worker I was working with at the time (the HR manager at the company I worked with then), I kept it going.

Those early day posts make me cringe, just as when you look back sometimes on your youth and cringe at your style. It's always an evolution - the discovery of your voice.

It's sometimes bad.  It's sometimes boring. It's sometimes silly. It's occasionally funny. It's often "WTF is she doing?" But it's a creative muscle I've flexed for a long time now. And I guess I am ready to say that in some little way, "I am a writer."

But I'll hold off on that. Till a year from today.