Old Vegas.

Yes. I did something I always said I would not do. I went to Las Vegas.

And you know what? I didn't mind it at all!

Granted... I didn't actually get to see any of the "Vegas" that most people are familiar with... As I was there for work. I flew in... Drove to the part of the city where the office was... Drove to the old part of downtown Vegas... 

And checked into my hotel. (Which was not the California.)

The hotel itself was nice. I stayed in my room and worked on some biz dev stuff.

The next morning, I got up. I packed. And I walked through the casino to check out...

This was taken at 7am. And believe it or not, it had quite a few people in it... Playing slots, drinking, smoking...

It made my brain hurt from exhaustion just thinking about what kind of determination you need to have to still be at it that early in the morning.

I then went to the office... And the day zoomed by. Before I realized it, the time had come for me to leave the office. And off flying down the freeway I went.

I did not get to see the Vegas everyone talks about. I don't know that I ever will have that pull to see it. I did like the old part of Vegas. There's something very cool and legit about the old part.

It's not as new and shiny. But it has character. And flaws. And those are the two things that make something interesting. To me.

So give me old Vegas, anytime. Just not at 7am.