Renovation: I Have Stairs!

For the past month, I haven't had any stairs.

Not really.

I mean, I have been able to get upstairs in my house. But instead of the beautiful cherry wood slats I had simple wood boards.

You can kind of see them here...

Side note: Don't you just love my makeshift kitchen counter under the stairs?

You can get a better sense of them here...

Rickety boards.

They were just placeholders, though, for the return of my cherry wood slats. They needed to be removed to be stained and lightened from their original dark color to a light color to match the floors.

It wasn't an easy process. And it took a little over three weeks. But the flooring guy reinstalled them today, and well...

I LOVE them!


While they are slightly darker than the rest of the wood, I feel like it's a solid match-up. The white from the banisters help tie it all together.

I couldn't be more pleased. And I even told the floor guy that. He was happy to hear it.

Now to just get an actual kitchen in the place...