Renovation: A Turkish Dilemma.

"If I need to pick out a new light fixture altogether, just let me know. I can totally do that."

I said this to my contractor after discovering through a guide at the local Home Depot that the light fixture I bought in Istanbul this Summer was wired for 220.

But because we use a lower voltage in North America, the light fixture would need to be rewired. Including the part where the light bulbs go in...

My electrician confirmed for me that it would just be easier to pick a new fixture. Plus, one of the glass shades had shattered a bit in the shipping from Turkey...

... And while I had a majority of the pieces to glue it all back together, it still felt like it may be beyond "useful" for my needs.

But my contractor was convinced he and the electrician could make it all work. But eventually they agreed that it would take a lot of energy and effort to do.

So I am now trying to find a new light fixture to go above my dining table.... And quickly.

I was sad. I love the Turkish chandelier. I wanted to use it somewhere.  And when I mentioned that to my contractor, he had a vision of how I could use it....

"Hang it outside," he said.

"You could easily put candles in the base of the sockets."

He was right. It would be easy. But where to hang it?

We thought about a few options... And ultimately decided that it would be cool to build a trellis over the yoga platform, and suspend it from there.

It would look cool to have the yoga mat and some meditation pillows underneath it, creating a cozy feeling.

I can visualize it now. So can Scooby.

(Sigh.) Another project. But will be worth it when it is done. And it allows me to use the chandelier still.


And now, to find the right light fixture for the dining room!.