Resting In Complete Darkness.

I had this vision of being able to lay in my bed, hit a button on a remote on my bedside table, and see light filter in or out of my room.

Apparently that was a bit of a "pipe dream." My contractor informed me that in order to do that, they'd have to reopen the drywall and wire the wall for it.

While I have quite a bit of privacy in my place - with my bedroom window facing a hill that leads into my back patio...

I wanted to be able to block out all of the light. And I didn't want to have to deal with strings to raise and lift it.

So my contractor had the "shade and shutters guy" recommend a very easy to operate alternative to regular blinds.

It's a solid shade made of some special kind of material that has a lifetime guarantee... And can be lifted with a single finger pressing the little plastic handle up, and then lowered by tugging that same handle.

And then I have darkness...

While I can't lay in bed and lift and lower it... It gets the job done.  The only light that comes in is from the crack at the top.

This makes it very easy to sleep in very late. Or if I have to take a nap mid-day, I can do it in darkness.

I definitely see it as a lovely luxury.