Moray: The Inner Circle Of A Womb... With The Birds... And A Dog.

It's not as if we were some motley crew. Nearly all of us had taken ayahuasca before this tour. We were already versed in the various methods of energy work we would experience on this trip. We were used to the uncommon occurrences of things, such as...
  • Bursts of laughter
  • Or bursts of tears
  • Visions of dancing on the rings of Saturn
  • Large yawn after large yawn
  • Sitting still and meditating for hours without moving at all

So while we weren't a weird collective, we were very accepting of strange things happening... And just rolling with it.

So the trek down into the inner circles of Moray, another Incan site, was another beautiful and "unique" experience. 

The ruins are very old. and had a lovely energy about them. So much so, there were a few stray animals hanging around the area. Who could blame them? It was calm and warm.

We climbed down into the center of a the ruins. Mal, our shaman, had asked us to spread out and lay down in the grass of the inner circle. He wanted us to imagine we were in our individual astrological natal charts (which we had been given on the first day), and allow our heads to be the "Mid Heaven" line of the chart, and our arms to be the "Ascending" and "Other" lines. We were to meditate and think about our individual charts, connecting to the elements, and focus on gratitude.

I felt like I was in a womb. Enclosed. Deep in the circle. I loved it. It was easy to fall into a positive meditation.

About 10 minutes into our silence, we heard Mal reach for our attentions...

"Look everyone! A condor!"

We opened our eyes and set up, instinctively reaching for our cameras.

We saw the condor - an important bird to the culture in the Sacred Valley - fly just above us. And he wasn't alone. He was accompanied by three eagles.

It was a cool moment, indeed.

We awed at the experience for a few more moments.  Then got up and walked into another section of the ruins.

My altitude sickness was still affecting me. And others still felt it as well. The one being that didn't seem to skip a beat with the climbing down and back up the ruins was this guy...

He had followed us down into one section. He wanted to absorb some of that energy we were experience, I guess.

We walked back up and saw the clouds from earlier starting to disperse.

It was a lovely countryside.