Renovation: Last-Minute Requests For Wood.

"Is it possible for you to build a wall to separate the space where I keep the garbage cans?"

"Sure. Good deal."

My contractor is used to me asking at the last second if it is "possible to add one little thing."

He tolerates it. And I am grateful.

This week, it was a wall for my front patio area.  I wanted to create a seating area while blocking the site of my humongous recycling bin and garbage bin.

I left for work on Wednesday morning. And when I cam back in the evening, I had this...

A beautiful double-sided cedar wall.

And on the other side was a 9-foot wall space, leading to my front door.

It's perfect for a front sectional couch.

I'll wait a few months before buying it. Mostly because I can't seem to find anything I like enough to buy. But also because my place is supposed to be getting repainted.

They also got two things done in he back patio this week...

I have my trellis!  Now to have the contractor suspend the Turkish chandelier from it somehow...

And the carpenter was able to create a beautiful and removable fence to go around my AC unit...

Now it is far less of an eyesore!