"Are Those Boobs On Your Necklace?"

"Wait... What?"

I was confused. A co-worker was eyeing an accessory I was wearing and asking if it was  representing the a part of the female anatomy.

"Are those titties?" he repeated.

"Huh?" I said. Now looking down at the silver utensil spoon that had I had acquired from a flea market in Barcelona last summer. But I was confused as to why he thought it was boobs.

I looked down at it. 

"No," I said. "It's a face with a funny mustache."

Another woman in the room, a content person on my team, looked at it and gave her opinion.

"Oh that's definitely tits," she said.

"What!?!?!" I screeched. "No. It's a funny face!"

"What are those?" the co-worker asked, pointing to the two symmetrical pinholes.

"Those are OBVIOUSLY the eyes," I said. "And this (pointing to the curved and center-pointed line) is the mustache."

They both laughed at me. The woman indicated that I was adorable with my thinking.

Some people have their minds in the gutter.

I mean, you see a funny face too, right?

I can never wear this necklace again. Now I'm afraid HR will come find me.