Hacking A Hot Yoga Room.

The small curve etched into the newly built doorframe wall made me realize something: I'd never feel comfortable parking my car in the deceptively small garage.

I finally had my garage cleared of all the things I was storing during the renovation. And I was looking forward to parking my car in it... Even though this is Southern California and there is little need to park a car inside.  But the garage was too small for the length of my SUV. And I wasn't comfortable with parking in it.

And besides, most of my neighbors use their garage for storage.

But I am trying to be more minimalist with my storage needs. I didn't want to use the garage to house a slew of things that wouldn't get used often.

So I decided I would turn it into a hot yoga room. 

Just for now.

It's been a long two years in dealing with my Bikram practice. While I enjoyed popping into studios while traveling, connecting to a studio for a long term relationship - for right now -  has me rattled. There is a lot going on in the Bikram community right now. And I can't personally commit to paying a studio (yes, despite being a certified teacher, I pay for classes) for my practice.

I never know if I am going to get a teacher that is Kool-Aid-drinking militant parrot with no business teaching students... Or a compassionate but tough teacher energizing their students.

So, for now, I am just going to practice at home in my garage. 

Which meant yet another Saturday morning at Home Depot. 

Foam tiles that interlock, a humidifier and a couple of space heaters.

These are the supplies I am using to "hack" together my little room. My thought is that a small investment of less than $300 to turn this space into a practice room will allow me to test if I want to have it built out properly in the space later.

I wasn't ready to commit fully to turning it into a hot yoga room.

Laying down the tiles was incredibly easy.

I ended up being one tile too short.

Right in the front corner. I decided to put the humidifier there. And eventually I may add a mirror to the wall in front of the mat.

I parked my bike at the front of the garage, where I can open it and take it out for a ride. I also added my Bosu ball and a foam roller.

I am thinking of also ordering some kettle bells to add to the space too.   

I am testing it out tomorrow after work for the first time.