July: Back To The Jungle.

Yes. I am headed back to the Amazon. In July. I land in Iquitos on Independence Day, and then celebrate a week of freedom by meditating in a ceremonial hut in the jungle for five nights.


This time I am dragging two friends from high school with me, R. and K. They could not be more excited... And I could not be more excited to have them coming with me!

I get asked a lot about my travels from last year... And where were my favorite places. I always say that "The Amazon jungle in Peru is my favorite place." And it is.

I get a lot of rest, being cut off from the digital world. I spend a lot of time in my mind, reflecting on what is flowing through it. I come back rested and calm. More confident. More ballsy. But really, it's that the little things bother me a little less.

I know that my experience in the jungle, with the shamans and the plant medicine, isn't the same as everyone else's. Each person's experience is unique. And each time I go back, it's unique even for me. But it's wonderful.  And I think everyone in the world should try the experience.

We're all just energy. Regardless of whether or not we are present in this world, or expired in physical form. Everything is connected. My energy dances with other energy around me. Sometimes I can sense when my energy is overwhelming someone. And I can sense when when someone else's energy is going to overwhelm me, and I carefully interact with it.

This time I will be pushing my limits a little more. I am going to take more of the plant medicine each night. It's not that I need it in order to get "into my space." But I want to. I want to see what the plant medicine tells me.

It's really the medicine that is calling me back to the jungle. And I, of course, will listen.