San Pedro Ceremony - Day Three.

We got up just before 5am. Or at least, I did. Others were probably up for much longer. I'm not usually a pretty good sleeper on plant medicines, but I had managed to get about four hours that night... Which was probably more than most people.

I stumbled around for my glasses in the dark, and threw on my yoga pants and hoodie.

"The umbrella," I said. "You'll need that."

The sound of rain made me immediately wonder if we'd be having our morning plans disrupted.  We were going to start our final day of San Pedro with a Sunrise bonfire.

The path to the garden with the fire pit was sludgy and muddy. My heels would sink into the dirt path and slide a little. So much so that I knew I'd ave to get rid of the knit Uggs I was wearing before I left to fly back to Lima in the next few days.

I eventually found myself trailing a few others on the path, all dressed in ponchos. We came to the garden.

"No fire right now," said the assistant shaman. "Meet at 7am in the yoga room."

Moans from a few people. But we understood. There was no way a fire was going to catch in the rain that we were having.

We trudged back to our rooms. I attempted to get another sleep cycle in, but failed. The rain pounding on my room's skylight was difficult to zone out, and kept reminding me with it's ticking that I would have to get back up eventually.

By the time 7am rolled around, the rain had stopped. I crawled out of bed and walked the 10 feet to the yoga room.

Everything - as it had been all week - was lush and vibrant.  Mal decided we would be attempting a bonfire even though the Sun was already awake.

It took about 15 minutes, and a couple of douses of gasoline, to get it lit and going...

The heat felt nice pulsing through my palms as I warmed them to the fire. Mal gave us each three coca leaves and had us whistle our intention into them before tossing them into the fire.

Next came the tobacco ceremony... And two rounds of taking the spicy liquid into our nasal cavities.

Mal said that we would be doing the San Pedro ceremony - the first part anyway - outside.

He brought out the plastic Inca Kola bottle that contained the brew...

It was extra foamy today.  When poured, it looked like a beer...

But it was the same lovely mescaline alcohol taste!

We headed back into the yoga room and began the meditative and Icaro part of the ceremony.

My eyes are closed, and despite being bundled up in a warm blanket, I don't fall asleep. Just back into the meditative trance that comes easily to me.  Images of fire and air - smoke - swirl inside my body... Providing a gentle warmness. My thoughts are not directed towards anything in particular... Just a warmth radiating from inside me.

Others are talking and conversing. I am always vulnerable energy-wise when I come out of a meditative state. I open my journal and write, working to avoid absorbing any energy or attention from anyone else.

It's Valentine's Day, and someone hands me a flower from the garden. Out of everyone's, mine stays fresh the longest... Taking hours to wilt.

I take that as a sign that it was avoiding the energy from those around me too.

The plants are obviously smart and aware too.  :)

Eventually my writing is interrupted by the sound of ceramic plates being put out on the table beyond the doorway.


My mind is craving nuts and mango. I also grab a few crackers - though I'm not really taken with them. And I also grab a custard fruit.

 I nibble, drink some fresh herbs muddled in hot water, and continue to write.

The medicine is telling me things I already am aware of. No purging needs to happen. It becomes a very pretty day by the time we finish more Icaros and meditation.

It was a very gentle experience.