... And I Didn't Have To Use My AK.

My weekends have been just as busy as my weekdays. Sometimes, even more so. That is changing... Mostly through my choice to actively not be busy on weekends. My original plan for today, my birthday, was to drive up to Malibu to meet Frogger (who is on this coast visiting) for birthday lunch.

My plan, however, was foiled by the usual reason.

So instead of driving to Malibu - and before I got sucked inside for a good part of the day - I decided to drive down to the Torrey Pines Reserve in La Jolla and hike the beach trail.

I wasn't about to stay inside all day in front of a computer on my birthday! It, as you can see, was beautiful!

The trail wasn't packed. And I was occasionally greeted by lizards, birds and beetles on my walk.

I was so early, I managed to snag one of the free parking spots on the beach.

It was pretty, warm, and calm. All the things you want on your birthday. If you're an introvert.

Eventually, after hiking up the reserve, I ended back down at the beach.

Just as I was wrapping up, the paid parking lot was getting busy. The trail was getting more populated. And by the time I walked back to my car, someone was waiting to pull into my space as soon as I drove off.

On the ride home, Ice Cube's "It Was A Good Day" came on the satellite radio.



And I didn't even have to use my AK.