Birthday Psychic Reading: Great News! I'm Getting A Dog!

Another birthday is rolling around this weekend... Which means all kinds of life assessments as I enter into a new year. Today was one I hadn't done in about a year and a half. It was a chat with Maggie Garbarini, who I had initially met a little over five years ago in Tucson.

"Are you touching something red right now?" Maggie asked me at the start of the call.

Indeed, I was. My journal. I was taking notes. She sensed I was holding something red.

Already off to an eery start!

The one thing she kept going back to as she did each of the steps of her ready (various card decks)...

A second marriage.


Not only that, she kept insisting that the cards were telling her that it would happen in the next two years.

Um... Yeah...

I attempted to guide her away from that topic, but she kept prying about relationships and whatnot. But that's not what I wanted to get out of the reading. I wanted to know more about career-related things and the other activities I am trying to focus on in my life. The creative areas.

"You're going on a retreat soon," she said.

I told her I was. To Peru, in the Summer. That's when she started to ask about what I was teaching/training people... Which seemed to come out of nowhere.

"I train people at work, kind of," I said. "But not really."

She said it was something outside of my work.

"I used to teach yoga. But not anymore."

It wasn't that. She saw me teaching something new. A message of empowerment. Public speaking.

"You're going to be sharing some message," she said. "And it has to do with people finding a sense of personal empowerment."

That's when I told her about ayahuasca. She was very intrigued, having never done it herself.

"Do you feel like it helps you long after you have taken it?" she asked.

"Oh boy. Does it ever!"

She seems the ayahuasca experience being a part of my journey of the storytelling I will do. But not the main crux of it. I told her I suspected that, and that I just hadn't decided what the story is that I want to share with people, and what it looks like. 

"There just hasn't been the right time to jump in and explore the idea for me," I said.

"Don't think in terms of time," she said. "You're always in the right place at the right time for what you need to be going through."

"We are what we think. We are what we speak," she reminded me.

There was loads of other stuff we talked about, but we only had an hour.

She did start to touch on my numerology... And that I am heading into a Year 6...

It's a year of love, family, relationships, children, animals, and creativity, she said.

She ended with, "You're going to get a dog."

I bet she's correct on that one. She's been pretty spot on in my past two readings with her. So... Guys... Fingers crossed on the dog situation!