Classic Vegas. In Black & White.

"Are you going to hit the strip this time?"

The B-friend asked me that as we were chatting about what we had going on this week. He knew I was going to be in Vegas office for good part of this week. 

"No. I will not be going to the strip."

"You really should," he insisted. "Just once."

We're both introverts. I love observing human behavior. But I like to observe. Not be active in the scene. And hitting the Las Vegas strip solo just doesn't seem like something to do solo. 

I am staying in the old part of downtown Vegas, at the Plaza hotel. I actually like the scene here. It's classic.

It certainly has it's fair share of bright lights here.

Mixed with slight smoked casinos and the music and the sugar-doused alcohol drinks available for your casual stroll through the area, this place is an orgy for your senses.

It's charming.  It's flashy... But not pretentious. It's a Vegas experience I think is worth having, and in line with how I want to think of the area.

In my mind, though, I am trapped in the era of Ace, Nicky and Ginger... Judging by the fashion and cocktails I see people drinking, it's understandable why that nostalgic scene resonates.

There's no need to head to the newer part of Vegas.  I'm more comfortable over here.