Dream: Owls & Running Backwards.


It's been a very long time since I last wrote about an odd dream I'd had.

I won't deny it, people... I am a subscriber to all things "message" related... Supernatural related... and unexplained. So please understand that before reading further.

(Subtext of that last paragraph: I am easily scared!)


I was sound asleep last night, but was awoken suddenly just after midnight. Someone was in my room. I looked around, but couldn't see anyone. But I could feel them. The energy in the room was more than just my own.

This has happened before. Just not in this house. The first place I lived at in Boston's South End - a decade ago - had a presence too. It used to freak my ex-husband out whenever I'd bring it up...

"There's someone in that back room. Can you hear them?" I'd ask.

He believed me, as he should. But wanted nothing to do with knowing about it. He scared easily too.

Anyways... Back to present day...

I was woken up by someone else in my room. But having experienced this before - a number of times - I rolled over and went back to sleep. They weren't going to impact me and my rest.

I fell asleep right away... And proceeded to dream vividly, which I hadn't done in a few months.

I'm in a field. Walking. The field has fairly tall dried grass.  I hear some kind of loud hooting. I look up and see an owl in the sky. 
The owl starts to speed down towards my direction, preparing to dive bomb me.
I drop to the ground.
It only swoops nearby... Not right over me. 
I quickly get up and start running towards a wooden cottage not too far ahead of me. But I'm not running fast enough. Running forward is like running through honey. I'm going to slow... And I can see the owl preparing for another go at me. 
I turn around and begin running backwards, giving me a good view of the owl heading towards me. It's only begin it's descent towards my direction when I reach the house.

Then I wake up.

Owls represent wisdom and insight. awareness. When they hoot, it signifies death.

The running backwards indicates a subconscious sense of  being counter-productive and moving away from one's goals.

I think I know what the dream means overall.

Coincidentally, earlier in the evening, a great aunt of mine - whom I shared a birthday with - passed away.  Thus (ooh - eery theory!) the waking up randomly to another presence... And also the owl screeching.

The running backwards... Well, I'll wait to see how things pan out before I assess that one publicly.