Dreams: Finding Rooms "Thirteen 4" & 232.

My alarm was cruel to me this morning.

An hour and a half ago, I woke up from a dream where I was just about to explore what I was set out to find. I guess I should be grateful, though... The trend lately is to not recall my dreams at all when I wake up. So the fact that I was able to wake up, then spend 30 minutes meditating, and still recall it says something.

The dream...
I'm in a dorm. It feels like my dorm from university. I'm being given the choice to choose which available room I want. Rather than rush to just pick one - which is what I would normally do - I ask to see the rooms. I am given then numbers 134 and 232. 
Only, instead of saying "134", the woman at the desk tells me "thirteen 4." It takes me a second in the dream to process that she means "134." I hop on an elevator. I am heading down in it. I stop on the second floor, and can see a group of women coming out of 232. But instead of getting off of the elevator, I stay on so that I can go down to the first floor to see 134. 
Just as I am about to get off of the elevator on the first floor, I hear a chirping sound.
My alarm.

I stretch in bed, roll over to grab the phone and turn off the sound. Exhaustion sets in, and I haven't even gotten out of bed.

Dreaming of residence hall or dorm building represents a continuous learning. Going down in an elevator represents being grounded. Coming back down to reality.

This makes complete sense. More to come later.