I'm Ready To Be A Sage Distributor.

My garden has really started to blossom over the past month. WOW!

That's just one garden box on my back patio. I have a second one that is twice the size... And both are being overrun by the Mountain Sage that was planted.

So much so, you can't even really tell that there is French Lavender also planted in these boxes.  Though they are also starting to bloom...

Pretty purple flowers. The whole back patio is fragrant with these low-water plants.

But the sage is definitely out of control. I will never have to buy sage for smudging again from a new age book store or Whole Foods. I will be able to supply my own forever.

I clipped some for a co-worker, which I will take to work tomorrow...

It's making my fridge smell lovely, for sure.

One of the most brilliant decisions ever - despite the crazy growth - was planting this stuff. I may have a second career as a dried sage dealer at the farmers' markets on the weekends.