My 4/20 Drug Of Choice... Eight Cups Of Coffee.

My acupuncturist, Liem, would be so thrilled to know that I am making absolutely no effort to curtail my functioning mostly on adrenaline.  

Today, as most Mondays are, is extremely busy. I will have put in a solid 10 hours (possibly more) before I wrap up my work for the day. And then I'll start to think about how I should get ahead start on tomorrow so that I am not skipping yoga to just "knock a few things more out". 

So it will probably turn into 11 hours.

Eleven hours mostly energized by this...

This is my sixth cup of coffee today. And there is still more in the pot downstairs in my kitchen.  And I'm pretty sure I'll drink it.

Wasn't this lifestyle out here supposed to be about having a strict separation of work and life? Things were supposed to be more in balance?

Oh dear.

I seem to have greatly failed at that. And it's totally and completely my fault.

I'll have to change that. But first... I'm gonna finish this coffee.