Personal Year 6: Health, Healing, Balance, Love, & Colors.

And watermelon mimosas!

After the birthday hike, I treated myself to breakfast and the newest issue of Porter magazine. And a new discovery... The Watermelon Mimosa. IT'S GENIUS!

As I do on every birthday, I put together and study my numerology for the new year. And when I add together this year's birthday...

April 12, 2015

4+1+2 = 7
2+0+1+5 = 8
7+8 = 15
1+5 = 6

I get a Year 6.

The last Year 6 I had was profound for me. It was when I was 29. And I mage an active decision to stop waiting for permission on a lot of things... To take care of the self better... And to be fearless.

In that year, I:
  • Reworked my career, resulting in a $30k increase in salary and a jump in responsibility.
  • Discovered the Turks & Caicos... Thus helping me realize how much I do love Sunshine, sand and even water.
  • Completed two Bikram Yoga 30-Day challenges.
  • Oh. And I started this blog.
Between my talk with Maggie on Friday, my last Shamanic session in Peru, and studying my own numbers... I'm certainly seeing a little more precisely what I have been doing that holds me back and stresses me out.

The unhealthy habits. The absence of a respect for my own needs in the physical and mental forms. In fact, the only thing I have been properly feeding for a few years now is my spiritual form.  But now my journey needs to shift back to creation, balance and love. Of the self.  I won't be taking on things that prevent me from my balance. Balance is a choice, though. And I will be actively choosing it over the needs of those I do not love.

I'll enjoy every moment of healing, in every sense that I pursue it. And I will work on healing every day. I will actively create.

Meditation. Writing. Dreaming. All with love at the center.

That's what the Year 6 is about... Love. Creation. Balance. Recreating the self.

And one of the things Maggie and I talked about, which resonates with my ayahuasca experience... Colors.