A Ball Park & A Tai Chi Guy.

I work in downtown San Diego now.


For a few reasons. The biggest one being that I was recruited away from my previous job - which was tough to leave because of the amazing team I got to work with while there. But I found myself falling into my old patterns...
  • Working non-stop.
  • Taking on more than I should because I was letting my ego drive me.
  • Eating like crap.
  • Stressing out.
  • Never making time for yoga.
  • Preferring to sleep in rather than go to workout in the mornings consistently.
  • Never drinking water... But living purely on coffee and the occasional gulp of sparkling water.

That's the East Coast Heather.  Big urban city. A "go! go! go!" mentality. That's not the "Heather" I pledged to be when I was wrapping up my travels a little less than a year ago.

"You know it's a longer commute," one of my old co-workers said. "I can't believe you're going to commute from Encinitas all the way to downtown."

"Well," I said, "It's only four miles longer than driving here to Mira Mesa. And I don't have to deal with hitting six miles of traffic lights once I get off I-5. So, it actually will take just the same amount of time, or possibly less."

And it has. I started on Monday this week. Each morning, I get up, I drive to downtown. I park my car in the designated garage, and I walk straight through Petco Park to get to my work building.

It's the tall building on the left of the path, straight ahead.

My favorite thing, I discovered today, is to buy my lunch from the health food cafe in the building's gym (which is my gym now) and eat it on the grass in the park...

THIS is what I imagined working in San Diego would be like! Hippy food eaten while in the Sunshine on an actual lunch break.

I never take lunch!!! Only when I have a lunch meeting do I not eat lunch at my desk!  I realize I may not always be able to eat lunch like this, but it's nice to know I can. The location of the office makes it possible to take 30 minutes outside to do this.

Another benefit to the location is the free Tai Chi lessons.

This guy comes up to our mirrored office window and does Tai Chi every morning...

He's pretty good.

But then, I have a soft spot and easy appreciation for characters I discover at work places.

Omelet Guy
Mike the Doorman