Coral Pink Balayage: A License To Be Sassier.

Precisely six weeks ago, I sat in my stylists chair forcing her to agree to do a pink balayage treatment on my hair.

It didn't take any begging whatsoever... She was very much on board with the the idea.

Fast forward to today, and I sit down next to a bowl of this...

Bright pink. Well, "coral" actually. And she swirled in a little magenta too.


The last time I put an exotic color in my hair, it was nearly eight years ago. I never did a post on it. I was mildly pleased with the result. It was a single purple streak in my hair... And they did such a bad job with the bleaching (in order to get the color in) that the piece ended up breaking off a few weeks after getting it.

This time, after having trusted my hair to her before I even moved here, I was ready for my stylist to do some fun stuff with this thick mane...

The Before picture.

Espresso brown hair. Blah.

She painted on the bleach. And after sitting for quite some time, it started to lighten...

After a good while, it was rinsed out, and in went the color...

Eventually, that too was rinsed out, and I was blown dry.

The end result...

I finally understand how it feels to be Red, my younger sister. She as born a natural coral red head. (Lucky!)

Loving the pinkish red tinge!  Am already thinking of how I can convince the stylist to bleach me even blonder and throw more pink on me in the next month.

Loving this look!

It's a license for me to be even sassier!